photographers of pdx !

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a photo community for photographers from portland and surrounding cities to share any type of photos. they do not have to be of portland. :)

& now, rules. dun dun dun:

1) any photos larger than 600 x 600 please put in an lj cut.

2) more than 1 image ? lj cut

3) tasteful nudity is allowed.

4) no web cam shots. :D

5) any meanness will be shot. SHOT.

6) oh yeah. be in or around pdx (anywhere in oregon is fine)

7) advertising for communities is okay if they are photo or pdx related.

8) keep it photo related. merci !

{remember: good comment to post: the photo is good but a bit off center. bad comment: your photos suck ass!!!!}

that is all. ♥

your gorgeous moderator, tangledlimbs